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OCC Holiday 2014 — Day 1 Mass Production Cards

on November 12, 2014

OCC Holiday 2014 Day 1



I think this is a great idea for mass production cards that still allows some variability.  But I have to say this was a lot harder than I anticipated.  My learnings:

1.  Be more selective about the stamps:  Some of my older stamps don’t stick well and the smaller stamps can be harder to line-up.  Most of my holiday sentiments are rubber stamps so my choices were limited.

2.  Is the second or third color really worth it?  I had a really hard time getting things aligned the second time and ended up with one stamp that was not in the direction I wanted.

I gave up the first night but I came back the next day and tried again.  I am still on the fence about whether I would do this again.

First day card:

first day


Second day card with multiple colors– I used two colors at the same time:

Day 2 multicolor


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